My Victorian Farmhouse Veranda

My Victorian Farmhouse Veranda

Early Mornings and before the children wake I often sit here on my veranda and have a cup of coffee, ponder over the days activities, I sit on an antique cast iron crib that has been converted into a daybed … Continue reading

Vintage Jewelry – Today’s Luxury

Well lets face it, The big vintage and antique jewelry rage has sure taken a big turn towards the sky. A few years ago most of this stuff was classified as old junk. Now jewelry collectors and sellers find it hard to push our way through the crowded jewelry tables at flea markets and yard sales. The bidding at auctions is downright catfighting and ebay vintage jewelry stores are making bigger profits. Brooches and Rings are flying while furniture and dinnerwares look like there standing still.
In today’s tough economy it’s hard to buy the diamond’s and gold all shiny and new at the high end jewelry stores, so have we resorted to vintage and second-hand jewelry as our taste for luxury? I wonder.
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What’s in Our Trunk?

Welcome, We are Antique Pickers, Dealers, & Collectors. We enjoy going to Auctions, Antique Shows, Flea Markets, & Estate Sales, so we always have an interesting collection to sell you. We have many antiques for sale, along with vintage and retro rarities. Some treasures we sell :

Jewellery ( Vintage, Antique, Fine, Watches, Rings, Brooches, Gold, Silver, Jewelery Lots)

Vintage Fashion ( Hats, Purses, Shoes, Accessories )

Farmhouse, Victorian, French Decor ( Baskets, Cast Iron, Wood Wares, Stoneware, Primitives, Antique Bottles, Jars, Quilts, Pillows, Lamps, Irons, Dolls, Tins, Linens )

Art ( Paintings, Needlepoint, Samplers, Old Photos, Folk Art, Glass )

Books, Barn Tools, Antique Furniture, Collectables … and lots more, sometimes Antique Cars.

We have an excellent history of 20 years, and have been selling online for 4 years with 100% feedback and ratings. We have stores on Etsy, Ruby Lane, and Ebay, We recently opened a Picker Store on Canadian Pickers, and will be joining Shabby Lane Shops in the next month. We Ship Worldwide & Except Paypal.
Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for upcoming Auctions, Sale Items, and new Inventory. We hope you enjoy the shop and if you have any questions hotmail us : new Etsy.Mini(6421651,’gallery’,4,5,0,’’);