Victorian Splendor

Astra Brooch

Royal jewelry is always a hot topic – Just what is Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge wearing? Well she is following in a long line of distinguished royals wearing simply elegant pieces (brooches mainly) that set the standard for sophistication.

Victorian Silver Sigma Necklace
The brooch is a common design element in the royal wardrobe because it pairs so well with classic the lines of dress suits, pencil dresses and any evening wear. Look through photos of Royals of the past century and see Princess Elizabeth, the Queen and dignitaries all wearing vintage brooches.

Victorian Revival Brooch

Antique Bow Brooch

Pick up on the Royal style and find a classic brooch or necklace that will highlight your own wardrobe, giving it a royal finishing touch. Our shop is full of elegant Victorian pieces that will give you a taste of Royal style.

Truly Vintage

Vintage Ring

With so many designers copying antique and vintage jewelry it is sometimes hard to find the real gems among the fakes. At The Old Junk Trunk we do the sorting for you, finding you the best treasures from the past to adorn your current fashions. 

With over 20 years of experience in antiques and estate buying, we find only the best pieces to offer you treasures that are not only beautiful today, but will be just as graceful on your daughters garments twenty years from now.
Spanish Brooch
That is the true beauty of vintage jewelry – it is beautiful on every generation. Vintage pieces are the perfect heritage gifts, treasures you know will get passes with loving care within your family.

German Brooch and Earrings
Vintage becomes a part of your wardrobe easily, highlighting the uniqueness of your fashion personality by complimenting current styles. Classic never goes out fo style.

vintage-luggage1I am a picker and I love finding old trunks in peoples attics and barns, because when you open them up you never know what treasures you will find. I have found everything in the world such as love letters from WW11, compass’s, jewelry, clothes, toys, hats, tools, glasses, pocket watches, trinkets people wanted to keep but had no place for, old stuff from travels all over the world and the list goes on. So in my search for lost treasures I have been selling items I have found and am always finding more so please have a look in my shop and come back often because you never know what you will find. Sincerely, Ann Adams Halifax NS

Vintage Hat, Union Made, A1 673575, United Hatter Cap, Light Blue Flowers, Pink Feathers. – $30.00

A beautiful Old Vintage / Antique union made hat with dark pink feathers, and light blue flowers covering the head piece, very pretty. In lovely vintage condition. Please have a look at my pictures for a better understanding of what is listed.

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Fenton Vaseline Glass Candle Holders, Compote, Vase, Lemon Lime Custard Satin Glass. – $60.00

Beautiful stamped Fenton, Lemony Lime Satin Vaseline Glass, Lovely condition no chips or cracks. These are all about 5″ tall. The vase depicts a lovely bird scene with leaves all over the vase, the candle holders have lots of tiny flowers all over, it was hard to pick up on the camera but if you look really close you may see.

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Delizza & Elster Juliana Rhinestone Brooch and Earring Set, Red Easter Eggs, Fall Fabulous Demi Parure. – $125.00

Wow, This Juliana set is amazingly beautiful with high definition sparkly stones, in dark rich chocolate browns, amber aurora borealis, large cabochons and givre glass made to look like actual stones.Small bead accents, please have a look at the pics, in great condition. Brooch 2″ – Earrings 1″

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D&E Juliana Brooch, Emerald Green, Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Jewelry. Designer – $80.00

A spectacular D&E Juliana Brooch with stunning deep emerald green and aurora borealis rhinestones with just a hint of green. Rhodium plated setting. Figure 8 pooling. In Great condition with no wear ot missing stones. 3″long

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Amazing Vintage Rhinestone Austrian Brooch, Sapphire and Light Blue Rhinestones. 1940,Tear drop, High End. – $75.00

A Gorgeous Austrian Brooch in the shape of a tear drop with beautiful quality light blue and deep dark blue stones, in great condition, with no wear or missing stones, Rhodium plated setting. Main stone is open back.

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25% OFF (Jewelry Sale) Rare Victorian Necklace, Copper, Bib, Opal Heart gemstone, Hungarian. – $180.00

A very pretty Victorian Necklace consisting of Copper Plated handcrafted piece work, each copper track has been place carefully along two rows of copper chain, creating a railroad type effect, attached to the center is a beautiful hand stamped pendant which holds an opal heart. Has minimal wear in the back, Amazing at 15″ long opened.

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