Etsy Marketing

A few words of advice, you can market and pay fees on various websites to market your Etsy Shop, do you really need to do this, NO!
If your pictures aren’t clear and bright… Who wants to squint their eyes to look at pics, people with just move on.
Your banner and avatar should be as professional and appealing as your business.
Your profile and shop announcement should use keywords about everything you offer in your shop such as style, colors, shape, products. Leave out all the stuff about your personal life, unless it gets to the point about your business.
Promote catchy titles and try to leave out “and, but, or, I, they, the, a, etc..” really focus on the product, color, shape, material, handmade, or vintage.
Don’t forget the tags, how are people going to find you if you don’t use key tags and try to use all 13, as well as the material tags.

50% OFF – WEEKEND SALE – Fabulous Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry Lot, Brilliant Autumn Amber Brown Colors. Brooch, Necklace & Earrings Set. Des – $35.00

Make a gorgeous statement with these lovely vintage pieces, Consisting of an open back brooch with quality rhinestones in browns and ambers, 2″. A lovely 15″ Necklace and 1.25″ Earrings all with lovely stones, there is a darkened stone on the necklace and one in an earring, please take notice but otherwise in good condition all working parts and totally wearable.

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